W h y  S V G ? 

     Chiang Mai is awash with Thai massage parlors, some of them very good, some of them very bad. Similarly, Chiang Mai is home to many massage schools, each of them offering differing styles, learning environments and levels of quality. So, in this sea of choices, why choose SVG?

Highly Accomplished Staff

One of the titles for people in Thai language and culture is "Arjan", which in the context of massage translates to "Master". If we look at any art or skill, it is widely acknowledged that improvisation is the highest level of mastery (think of a jazz musician attempting to get on stage without having mastered their scales...disaster). Our Arjans have such a mastery of the fundamentals and such a wide breadth of experience to pull from that it is an absolute joy to watch them work. Both as a student and later as an assistant teacher, I have often found myself awed and smiling to see the way that they are able to react to the needs of students (or to the needs of clients in a massage treatment) to convey the knowledge (or healing) that was required. This is the sign of a true master, and a true teacher: the ability to seamlessly adapt to changing circumstances in order to fulfill needs, without compromising quality. 

Award-Winning Style

Recent winners of the Excellent Massage of Lanna Awards at the 2014 Lanna Expo, SVG has created a truly unique style of this ancient art of healing. Through countless years of working in massage, our Masters have developed a style that is saturated with their experience and with the Northern Thai culture, known for its slow rhythm of life. SVG focuses on body movement and the flow of energy between the therapist and the client. As such, all of our postures seek to not only benefit the client, but also the therapist with increased energy flow. After all, what good is it to help increase the wellbeing of somebody else, if you are harming yourself in the process? We believe that the best results are attained for client and therapist alike through this balance of energy. The subtlety of SVG’s treatment sets us apart from others. It's no coincidence that our Masters have been responsible for training the therapists of the world-renowned COMO Shambhala wellness spas for many years now.

Family  over Business

A lot businesses talk about being more like a family, at SVG we genuinely strive to make this a reality; this is at the heart of why we branched out and started SVG in the first place. We like only having enough students that we can all sit around a table together and enjoy a healthy, home cooked lunch. We like having the opportunity to invest deeply in our students so that we remember their names, quirks and anecdotes years later. This is, of course, made easier by the fact that we enjoy remaining in touch with our students long after they have initially studied with us. We pride ourselves on the fact that so many of our students continually return to our little school for further training and for visits. We celebrate the diversity of SVG's family members and find ourselves ever-energized by the tributaries of stories, beliefs, and cultures that converge at our school in the interest of massage and healing. Overall, we are a small and simple school, and that's the way we like it.

In the end, as with any education, it's about fit. We recognize that we are not the school for everyone, and when we feel that we are not a good fit for prospective students, we will encourage those individuals to look into one of the many other massage schools in Chiang Mai. We do this in the interest of those prospective students, and in the interest of our SVG family.  

   All courses are free airport transfer, daily vegetarian lunch, coffee/tea breaks, wifi, textbook, and certificate upon completion.

S V G Family

Known affectionately as Master PP, he is the director and spiritual leader of SVG. After spending 30 years in the spa and resort management industry, Master. PP sought to apply his skills and affinity for serving others and promoting health through Thai massage. He has served as the managing director for the renowned Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, and is highly involved in promoting Thai culture. He works closely with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and was chosen by the Thai government to be the representative of Thai massage, cooking, boxing and other areas of Thai culture at international tradeshows all over the world. He holds certificates from both the Buddhist Organization and Religious Ministry of Thailand. He maintains a close relationship with Wat Sri Suphan Temple in Chiang Mai to promote massage, meditation, silversmith work, and provides foreigners with the opportunity to talk with monks. He also has a deep knowledge of Thai herbs and healing mantras. His highest hope is caring for humanity.

Master Aire

Master Aire is an unbelievable therapist and an even better teacher. She has a long history massage and herbal healing in her family, stretching back several generations. She has had a very impressive career working internationally as a massage specialist at top-tier spa